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Innovative solutions that work and save time, money and environment

Molandertech is a design and production company specialized in injection moulding of plastic products. We have the experience and the know-how, from idea to ready product, to develop and conduct projects where our knowledge on the possibilities of polymers gives the client major profits.



Analysis, understanding and respect for the clients product, production and problem

It’s our way to think and attack problems you benefit the most from. We develop products that give optimal profitability. In doing that we take a holistic approach on your operations and conditions and adapt our solution to them. With us you get not only a provider of injection moulded products but above all a well-informed, engaged and reliable partner who sees the big picture and creates innovative solutions that work in the best possible way and are optimally profitable.


Focus on materials handling, logistics and cost efficiency

Our way of thinking gives the most benefits when developing and manufacturing products and packaging for materials handling – especially with high demands on logistics, cleanliness, the products stacking ability and pack density. For among other OEM producers we design packages that improve, simplify och cut costs. With good profit for the client we can often replace expensive, dirty and difficult to handle materials like paper, cardboard and wood with easy to handle products of entirely clean and recyclable plastics. We always strive to give the client an optimally profitable solution.  See examples here!


Industrial know-how and experience

We have many years of useful experiences of products for the industry in demanding environments such as the automotive industry. The knowledge of design and mould making that we have acquired and our technology for injection moulding are world class.


Flexibility and service

We adapt efforts and resources for each assignment and we operate both locally and globally. We consider ourselves as your partner but it is you as client that sets the terms for what we shall do. It’s a honour for us to give you the best possible service.


Technique and resources for recycling

We have experience and resources to recycle and reuse thermoplastics and we always have it in mind when we develope products. Practically everything we manufacure can – and should – be recycled. In order to create recycling systems with rational logistics, highest cost efficiency and best environmental-friendliness we have in cooperation with several clients installed recycling units in direct connection to the clients production. Unbeatable for both environment and economy.  Read more here!


Partnership from idea to product

No task within injection moulding, materials handling and logistics is too large or too small for us. We assist you from the first thought to ready product. We give you ideas, products and innovative solutions that work and save time, money and environment.  Read here how we do!


What’s your job?

Do you seek cost efficiency, high quality products and innovative functional design then we have the knowledge, the technique and the people you need. Tell us what your problem is and we will help you find the optimal solution.  Tell us!


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